"G" for George.
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Black and white photographs from the archives of the Australian War Memorial.
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Original text,  A.W.M. Senior Curator of Military Heraldry and Technology,  Peter Burness.
 One of the most popular and possibly the most impressive of    the exhibits displayed at the Australian War Memorial is the Avro Lancaster B1, known with affection as "G for George". It dominates Aeroplane Hall in which other historically important military aircraft and relics illustrate the significant contribution made by the Australian Flying Corps and the Royal Australian Air Force.
  "G for George" has a remarkable history. Built in 1942 it saw service with the No. 460 Squadron  R.A.A.F. while in Britain, until its "retirement" in 1944 from active service. During the height of the bomber offensive in 1943-1944, "George" flew 90 operational missions over Germany and occupied Europe. Time and again aircraft accompanying "George" on these missions were lost; the aircraft's very survival made it unique.
  "George", however, is only a machine. Nothing could have been accomplished without the dedication and courage of the aircrews. Mostly Australians and usually very young, these men were always brought home safely by "George"; however, more than 30 of them are known to have died subsequently while flying in other aircraft. "George's" reputation for reliability is also a tribute to the ground crews responsible for maintaining it.
  This web site is dedicated to the courage and devotion to duty of the men of the Australian bomber squadrons, so many of whom flew in aircraft like "George", as well as those who served with the various R.A.F. bomber squadrons.
N. J. Flanagan,
After each mission a bomb was painted on the side of the aircraft. Eventually 90 bombs were applied and to these were added the ribbons of the Distinguished Flying Medal, the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal and the Distinguished Service Order. Certain Pilots distinguished their missions by adding personal symbols to the bombs.  The "Saint" figure was painted alongside missions of Flight Sergeant J. A. Saint-Smith; a red bar indicates those of Flight Sergeant J. Murray; a blue "V for Victory" for Flying Officer J. Henderson; while Pilot Officer "Cherry" Carter's missions were indicated by a pair of red cherries.
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